Head-Down, Thumbs Up

Positioning Scan Photos

This week I was lucky enough to have one last peek at the baby inside the womb before I meet it in the real world. My little bump has been really solid the whole way through the pregnancy making it hard for the midwife to feel the baby through it. Having been breach a few weeks ago, it was hard to tell if it had turned so although the midwife was 95% sure the baby was head-down, she booked me a positioning scan to get rid of any doubts.

After navigating my way through the maze of corridors making up the Royal Gwent Hospital, I found my way to the ante-natal clinic and the scan instantly revealed the baby was head-down. With that relief off my shoulders, the Sonographer quickly checked a few measurements and let me know how much thick hair the baby already had. She also caught a glimpse of the baby’s face and printed out a couple of pictures for me.

I studied the pictures for ages afterwards, trying to work out if it looked at all like Dave or me, but it just looks like a grumpy little baby with exaggerated features – I’m hoping the distortion from all the fluid was affecting the pictures. I’m now even more excited to meet the baby, see its real face for the first time, and most importantly find out if it’s a ‘he’ or a ‘she’.

Positioning Scan Photos

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