Packing My Hospital Bag

hospital bag

At about 30 weeks, I started to get really impatient and anxious to get my hospital bag ready, although I knew it was a little bit too early and it would be something I would wish I had waited to do. Now at 38 weeks I’m realising I could go into labour at any time and I should probably be a bit more prepared. I’ve thrown a few things in a bag but over the next couple of days I really do need to finish packing it – just in case.


  • Baggy Tops
  • Comfy Pyjamas
  • Slippers and Dressing Gown
  • Going Home Clothes
  • Bridget Jones Knickers
  • Nursing Bras


  • Face Wipes
  • Basic Make Up (For the first mother & baby picture)
  • Facial Water Spray
  • Lip Balm
  • Massage Oil
  • Maternity Pads and Breast Pads
  • Usual Toiletries

Things You Don’t Think Of

My antenatal class teacher, and a few friends gave me some ideas of what I might wish I had brought:

  • Little fine tooth combs
    Pushing the teeth on the pressure points on your palms at the bottom of your fingers can act as pain relief in a similar way to a TENS machine.
  • Bendy Straws
    This will make it much easier to have a quick drink in between contractions as your birthing partner can easily hold the cup near to you without you having to change positions to pick up a cup.
  • Pillow
    Having my own lovely pillow from home will hopefully relax me a little bit more and make me feel at home.
  • Your Craving
    For me it is sponges – I have literally packed 6 sponges and plan on smelling and chewing my way through labour.
  • Frozen Drinks
    I have been told that hospital water can be lukewarm, so keeping some bottles in the freezer and taking them out just before you leave for the hospital means by the time they have melted, you will have ice cold water to sip.
  • Music
    I have started making my labour playlist on Spotify featuring all my favourite songs and anything that will keep me relaxed. I also need to remember to load my Harry Potter audio books onto my ipod.
  • Endorphin Boosters
    This could be a picture of your scan, pictures of any existing children, the outfit you will be taking your baby home in etc… Mine will probably be a picture of my cat!

For the Baby

  • Nappies
  • Outfit
  • Hat
  • Muslin Squares
  • Blanket


  • Birthing Ball
  • Lots of Snacks
  • Reading material
  • Camera/Phone and Charger
  • Notepad and Pen
  • Maternity Notes

I’m sure I will add a few more things to the bag over the next couple of days but hopefully I’ll have the basics covered.

hospital bag

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