Daisy Couples Birthing Workshop

This week, Dave and I attended the Daisy Couples Birthing Workshop. With the last nine months being about me – of course – I think Dave had been feeling a bit left out so it was great for him to learn a bit more about what I already knew, and to learn about the role of the birth partner.

After enjoying my Daisy Antenatal and Birthing classes on Friday evenings, I thought continuing on to the Daisy Couples Workshop with Claire, the antenetal teacher, would be the best class for us.

The class took place in Claire’s living room making it super relaxed, and she even had a lovely spread of cake on offer! We recapped a few of the breathing techniques that we’d learnt in birthing class, so the boys had an understanding, and also went over the differernt stages of labour and what to do at each stage before moving on to massage techniques and what extras to pack in the hospital bag. 

We were able to ask loads of questions and hopefully Dave got all the answers he needed. We even left with a little sack of relaxing lavender and a positive message! So now we are just waiting for the baby to come! 

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