Today is the day I am finally being induced. Despite the fact I will probably never sleep again, I stayed up until past midnight last night and woke up at 5am. I wanted to finish all the housework last night so I could bring the baby back to a clean, tidy house! And I’ve got into a habit of waking up at 5am to let Wolfie in.

Everyone is really excited about the chance that the baby will be here today, but I feel a bit sad that I haven’t had that excitement of not knowing when the baby is coming, or when I will go into labour. I’ve literally been waiting for weeks for that one moment of excitement of going into labour, but it feels like that’s been taken away and it’s all planned for me. I know that’s not really the case because there is no guarantee that labour will start today, so hopefully I will still be in for some surprises. 

I’m looking forward to putting all my Daisy Birthing training in to practice. My bags are packed and my birthing ball is ready for all my rotations. I’ve been practicing the different breathing techniques to get as much oxygen in as possible and I genuinley feel relaxed and not scared at all about the pain. Let’s see if I’ll still be saying that in a few hours time! 

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