Waiting game – theee days overdue

It’s only three days past my due date but it feels like the baby is never going to come! At 40+3 I really didn’t imagine I’d go over, I thought I’d be early for some reason. I’d had a few signs in the week before my due date which made me think the baby was really ready to come, but everything seems to have gone a bit backwards since then. 

It gets even more annoying with everyone asking where the baby is every 5 minutes. I’ve taken to leaving my phone in a different room all day so I don’t have to speak to anyone, but that just makes it worse when everyone thinks I’m not replying because I’ve had the baby. I’m just at a point where I want to be left alone with Dave to wait for our baby.

I’ve also realised it’s only our culture that gets so caught up on a due date, and if the baby doesn’t come by that day then it’s ‘late’. Realistically, full term is 37-42 weeks with 40 weeks considered ideal, so the concept of a ‘due month’ like they have in other cultures seems to make more sense. I’ve therefore decided to adopt this philosophy which comes from more spiritual cultures – this also keeps me more relaxed.

With my sweep booked for next week and my induction the week after, at least I know that by the 21st June, the baby will be on it’s way, so I’ve decided to just relax and not focus on dates. The baby will come when it’s ready! 


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