This week, Luna has been around for five weeks. I’m finding things are starting to settle into a bit of a routine and it’s much easier and quicker to get out of the house.

We have been all over the place this week: Newport, Cardiff, Trowbridge, and Bristol and as Luna is quite a sleepy baby, I have been able to get all my bits and bobs done whilst Luna slept in her pram.

At the weekend, me and my mum made footprint prints of Luna’s feet by painting non-toxic baby paint onto the soles of her feet whilst she was sleeping, and pressing her feet onto card.

On Monday, I met my friends back home in Wiltshire for lunch and they met Luna for the first time. I was really pleased to be able to meet them because one of them was moving to London and I wanted her to meet Luna whilst she was still a tiny baby.

On Tuesday, my mum and brother visited and we took Lulu to her chiropractor appointment in Cardiff Bay and then went for a meal.

On Wednesday, I met another friend in Bristol before my work summer party. I was sad to leave Luna again for a couple of hours but she was on her best behaviour for Dave. I missed her the whole way through the party and was so happy when I got back home to her.

On Thursday, I decided to treat myself to some new clothes as my figure has almost returned to pre-pregnancy, minus any muscle definition. After taking Wolfie to the vets in Cardiff, Luna and I popped to the shops in Newport. I tried Luna in the sling for the first time. She was fine whilst she was sleeping but I found it really difficult to get her in whilst she was awake because she is so wriggly, and consequently Luna didn’t really enjoy it once I got her in!

Luna is definitely learning to smile properly now – she stares at me for ages and then smiles like she is copying my face. It’s such a lovely feeling when she looks at me. She’s developing a personaility and I can imagine her as a little person now. We also had a visitor from the Health Visitor this week and Luna now weighs 11 lbs 1 oz so she is putting on weight really well which is reassuring for how the feeding is going.

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