Today is the 22nd July which is ridiculous because it means Luna is exactly one month old. I already miss the days of old ladies in the street asking how old she is and being able to answer “she’s four days old”. Even at 8lb 2oz, when she was born she was too small for even ‘newborn’ or ‘first size’ clothes and it took her up until three weeks old to fit into her ‘up to one month’ coat. But for the last couple of days she has been able to start wearing her ‘0-3 months’clothes (although some of them still swamp her).

This week, Luna met Auntie Juli and Uncle Jackson and had lovely cuddles with them both! She also spent a couple of hours apart from me as I went to watch Billy Elliot at Cardiff Bay. Although she is generally a very quiet and calm baby, this week Luna has learnt to cry for attention. So insteaf of her cute little sqeaks for feeding time, she’s started to burst straight into dramatic tears because she knows I will come quicker!

But to balance this out, she is a pretty good sleeper and only wakes once or twice in the night depending on what time we go to bed. This means I have had pretty good sleeps and had enough energy in the day to get housework done and pop out to the shops. Luna enjoys a long nap in the daytime as well, so I can dash about getting everything I need before she wakes up!

Weight-wise, I havent weighed myself. After giving birth I was four pounds lighter than before I was pregnant, probably because I was quite sick in pregnancy losing a stone and a half in the first few months, and losing my appetite completely for the last few months. However breastfeeding is thirsty work, so as well as downing pints of water throughout the day, I’m also craving snacks to kee my energy levels up for feeding times. Unfortunately my sweet tooth means I opt for chocolate, cakes and sweets so Luna’s milk is probably made from pick ‘n’ mix and chocolate brownies (as well as salad and fruit). But as well as not wanting Luna to be made of sugar, I’ve noticed my previously flat tummy becoming flabby. I think to combat this I’m going to prepare some healthy fruit snacks that I can grab quickly when I’m hungry!

Finally, this week I managed to see Luna’s first reflex smiles which are the cutest things ever! I can’t wait until these are real smiles!

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