Where have the last three weeks gone? Twenty-two days ago I didn’t have a baby and was still pregnant. OK, I was lying on a hospital bed in labour, but I wasnt responsible for another human being. And then suddenly at 3:05pm I had a sticky, waxy baby thrust upon me and became a mother for ever!

Even though it feels like 3 days ago, not three weeks ago, I have actually managed to pack an awful lot into the time since having Luna. Having a baby attracts attention, usually from older females, and when they ask how old she is and I reply with “three days”, “one week”, “two weeks” etc, everyone is always shocked that I am up and about enjoying life so quickly. But I always planned not to waste my maternity leave groaning in bed with Loose Women on in the background for six months.

Whilst many mornings have consisted of This Morning, Loose Women, and Towie repeats on Sky Boxsets (get a life, i know), I have really made an effort to have a plan most days and get out and about for at least an hour each day.

In Luna’s first week we took her to visit the work colleagues at Dave’s work, and both my offices; Cardiff and Bristol. She also visited Chepstow Garden Centre and Farm Shop, and Newport shops.

In her second week, there were lots of shopping trips and a couple of walks but I also decided to make the most of my sleepy baby and nap when she slept. After some advice, we started her on chiropractic treatment. A ventouse birth can put lots of pressure on the head and neck so we wanted to make sure she was all ok.

In her third week, she ventured to Cardiff Bay shops and continued her chiropractic treatment where we were told she was developing well. She also met my two best friends so has slowly been introduced to a couple more people.

This time next week she will be one month old and most likely out of her newborn clothes and into her 0-3months. I’m sad she is growing so quickly and time is going so fast. I want her to be a teeny newborn forever. But, on the other hand, I cant wait for her to sleep through the night!

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