At 3:05pm tomorrow it will be exactly two weeks since Luna Lily Kidner was born. I wanted to do an update after one week but the last 14 days have blurred into one and I really cannot believe I have been a mummy for two whole weeks now.

Throughout my pregnancy I was really worried about the changes and affect having a baby would have on my body. I know I probably shouldn’t have been quite so vain but being unplanned, I’d not really had a chance to accept my body might change. As a 5 times a week gym goer, I decided to carry on with exercising, getting the personal trainers to alter my routine every month to suit the stage of my pregnancy. This really helped me with my weight and I felt really body-confident and toned up until 7 and a half months pregnant when I decided to stop going to the gym. After giving birth I was actually 4lbs lighter than I was before becoming pregnant, but I still have a long way to go to get my legs and stomach as toned as they were before.

I also religiously used stretch mark oils and creams and didn’t end up with a single stetch mark, although I’ve learnt stretch marks are largely hereditory so perhaps I was never destined to get any.

In terms of the first two weeks actually being a mother, its definitely been a rollercoaster. I’ve accepted my emotions are going to be up and down all the time so when I’m having a breakdown, thinking I’m rubbish because Luna has been crying for 3 minutes and I can’t get her to stop, I remind myself I’m not going mad, and it’s just normal to feel up and down. In actual fact, Luna has been a perfect baby and sleeps really well nearly all the time, waking only for a quick feed or nappy change.

I’ve decided to breastfeed because obviously it’s best, but also because it is free, always there on demand, the perfect temperature, and because I can’t imagine having to mess about sterilising bottles and mixing up formula. The first few days were really hard. No-one had shown me what to do and I wasn’t sure if Luna was getting any nutrition. Even when the midwife showed me some positions and better techniques, I really struggled. But I am really glad I pushed through – even now I have times where it doesnt feel like I’m doing it right but on the whole it’s going well and Luna has put on a pound in two weeks!

I’ve tried to get out and about every day with Luna, even if it is just a walk into the village. We have been to the garden centre, shopping in Newport, for lunches, and to meet both mine and Dave’s work colleagues so she has had a busy two weeks. I hate being unproductive but I have decided yo give myself a couple of rest days and so spent today watching TOWIE series 2.

This post is a bit all over the place which ironically mirrors my life at the moment; I lack any kind of organisation. But I want to be able to look back in a few years and remember the first two weeks of being a mummy instead of remembering a blurr. I should also add that Dave has been amazing and my mini breakdowns might have been more than mini if it wasn’t for him. He is nappy changing king and knows all her different cries and faces much better than I do! Luna also loves cuddling on his chest whilst he revises and he is the best at settling her down after she has been crying.

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