So it’s Wednesday again which means Luna is another weeks older. Eight weeks. This week Luna and I have had another visit from granny Christina, had a BBQ with nana Ellena, been for her final chiropractor appointment, updated her wardrobe with 3-6 and 6-9 months ready for autumn and winter, and chilled out in the house.

We also visited my work and didna bit of shopping in Bristol, finally spending the White Company vouchers that work got me as a leaving present! We got some PJs for when she is bigger, a grey blanket, and some cube toys that crinkle, jingle and chime.

Luna is laughing and smiling all day now so hopefully that means she is a happy baby. She weighs 11 pounds 11.5 ounces, and even more since it has been a few days since I had her weighed. But the biggest development is that a couple of days ago Luna slept all through the night – from 10:30pm – 5:30am. Seeing as we usually go to bed at 11 and get up for work at 6, this is pretty much all night. I’d had a small taste of cider that night so maybe that helped, but all the other days she has only been waking once at about 4am so I am confident that it wont be many more weeks before she is happily and consistently sleeping all night since she tends to cluster feed all evening.

I’m extremely lucky because Lulu also sleeps a lot in the day which enables me to get housework and shopping done as well as watching The Hills. She must have daddy’s sleeping gene.

I’ve noticed her grip is stronger and she can hold onto small objects that I hand her such as her ducky toy from Sorcha or her plastic hoops.

She’s also learning to love the bath, after a rather hilarious scared face when I plonked her in the water, she really began to enjoy splashing and having her hair washed, although she is showing some serious signs of curls after her hair has been wettened.

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