Luna and I have had a really busy week this week. On Thursday Sorcha came to stay and Luna had her first set of jabs but it was heartbreaking seeing her little face and hearing her scream. However about 3 minutes later she was fast asleep again, as usual. I then had to feed her calpol a couple of times but she dribbled most of it out.

On Friday, we met Zoe in Cardiff for some shopping and lunch and Luna was generally pretty good although she was a bit grumpy, presumaby from the jabs.

On Saturday, Liam and Lucy also came to play and we all went for some lunch and just generally chilled out and played with Luna.

On Sunday, Ella came to play and met Luna for the first time. They made best friends and had lots of cuddles all day.

On Monday Luna and I had a lazy day and napped all day in the house which was lovely, but on Tuesday I wanted to get out again and went shopping in Bristol, picking up a couple of things in the sale for Luna for when she is bigger. Then Juli came to stay for the night and on Wednesday we had some lunch and played in the garden. We also drove to the catholic church in Chepstow to start thinking about Luna’s baptism.

I’ve also started Luna’s baby scrapbook. I’ve been trying to get it done for weeks but I’m such a perfectionist that I keep ripping all the pages out and starting again but I’ve finally got 15 pages done.

I’m hoping for a slightly quieter week now as I realles enjoyed sleeping all day on Monday!

Some good news is that Luna has now slept twice through the night and is only waking up once on the other nights so I’m feeling a lot more awake all the time.

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