Oh no – seven weeks old! As Luna approaches two months, I’m sad that she will no longer be measured in weeks, but officially into months! What happened to my teeny 5 day old newborn!?

The last week has gone super quick! Luna and I have met up with a friend for lunch, had her weekly chiropractor appointment, met daddy for lunch at Cardiff Bay during his lunchbreak, had some more family visitors and presents, attended the first doctors check up, and learnt to use the baby carrier (although Luna hates it).

I’ve also taken her to be weighed again as I was worried she wasn’t interested in feeding much for a few days, but my worries were put at rest as she weighs an impressive 11lbs 11.5oz and has put on lots ofnweight since her last weigh in! I took her in her Ted Baker summer outfit that ‘Granny Christina’ bought in the sale on the day she was born (as everyone had just found out she was a girl and was excited to buy girls clothes) and the midwife called her the poshest baby in Magor.

I’ve also gone on a major shopping spree for myself this week. After finally fitting comfortably back into my size 10 clothes, I decided I didn’t want to just swap my maternity wardrobe for my old clothes, so I decided to update my look for more of a ‘classy/mum’ look instead of my previous short shorts and tight tops. I treated myself to about 8 new blazers and jackets, a couple of pairs of boots, around 10 pairs of jeans/trousers/leggings, a few jumpers and a handful of tops. I did go a bit mad and my bank balance is slightly weak but I feel really confident in my new clothes so it was definitley worth it.

I’ve also decided to make my short term life goals more official by writing them down so I can track how I am doing. My recent goals have been:

  • Keep the house tidy. Go to bed every night with a tidy house so you don’t wake up to mess.
  • Look presentable at all times so if you need to pop out or even answer the door you feel confident
  • Eat healthy food and cut back on sugary snacks

I’m doing quite well at these so I’m going to add:

  • If in the house, nap when Luna naps so I am well rested
  • Read books instead of watching TV so I actually finish reading all the books I buy
  • Finish reading my web marketing book and plan a clear digital strategy and offering so I understand all the aspects

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