Despite saying last week that I was looking forward to a quiet week, this week has been one of the most eventful yet.

Luna is ten weeks old which means the next milestone is 3 months old – where has my tiny newborn gone?

On Thursday, my mum came to visit and we went to Storytime at a cafe in Cardiff. We listened to the adventures of Supertato (like Super Potato) who saved all the frozen food from the evil peas, and Luna threw her hand in the air just as the potato saved everyone, as well a story about a Goat going to play school which I think was called ‘Goat goes to School’. I also got her weighed at the clinic and she was 12 lbs 2oz.

On Friday, Dave’s results were released and after 3 years he has passed his ACA qualification making him a chartered accountant. This also meant he had his pick of 5 jobs from previous interviews and after a toss up between 2 of the big4, he will be joining Deloitte next month. The increase in salary also takes the pressure of me returning to work full time as soon as possible, and whilst I can’t wait to get back into my career, it’s nice for both of us to know we can rely on one salary to cover everything if I wanted to stay at home with Luna for longer.

In the evening, I met Zoe at a food festival in Cardiff and treated myself to some street food and drinks. It was a really hot day and I hadn’t really prepared properly or dressed Luna appropriatley, so it made me realise I need to invest in a parasol for the pram, even if there are only 3 sunny days a year in Wales.

The weekend was a bank holiday so we took the chance to relax and just did a little bit of shopping and went for dinner at Celtic Manor to celebrate Dave’s results and job.

On Sunday I took Luna to Church with me which is something I have been meaning to so for ages but never got round to it. She was really quiet all the way through and looked around at all the windows and lights. Of course all the congregation loved her and the priest said she was beautiful. I’m hoping to get her baptised as soon as I can get round to organising it.

On the Monday, it was the Daisy Teddy Bear’s picnic and it was lovely to see the other babies and mummies and to have some adult conversation, even if it was about babies.

Then on Tuesday after Dave left for work, I had a call from him to say he’d had a small bump in my car. I was expecting a little dent in my bonet but when I went to pick Dave up, my car had already been towed and we had to visit it in the garage. When i walked in my only reaction was laughter as the whole bonnet and front was smashed in. Luckily Dave was fine apart from a sore neck, and it just made me realise it’s only a car and no-one was hurt, and of course Luna was safe at home with me! But it does mean I get to go car shopping next week.

In terms of Luna’s developments, she is talking (well, cooing) pretty much all the time and smiling at everyone. She is also happy to be picked up and cuddled by other people so I think settling in to nursery in a few months won’t be a problem. She has also started to learn to roll over – she lifts her legs in the air and then swings them to the side to help her roll. This is bad news for me because it means I’ll have to keep my eye on her at all times, not that I leave her on her own now, but before I know it, plonking her in the middle of the bed whilst I put the washing away won’t be an option.

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