Eleven pm – just in time to write my weekly Wednesday update.

At 11 weeks old, Luna is near enough three months. Even though she is really starting to develop a personality and look like a proper little person, I still think of her as my teeny newborn.

Over the past seven days, I have observed as Luna has learnt to roll over onto her side. This forst happened when I went along to a Daisy Mums picnic held at a garden of a church hall. With the ground being slightly hilly, Luna realised with a little help from gravity, she could roll sideways. She then performed this move again at home on the bed; as I was lying next to her, my weight made a bit of a dent in the mattress and she was able to use this to roll onto her side again. Now she’d realised she didn’t have to stay on her back, she started practising her rolling on completely horizontal surfaces and now can roll onto her side by putting her legs in the air and using them to pull her over. She entertained herself (and the congregation) with her rolling when I took her to church again with me on Sunday.

Luna is becoming so well behaved as she is usually so interested in everything around her and loves making friends by staring at everyone and smiling when they smile at her. The lady next to me at church even commented on how well behaved she was during the service and said she was very alert for her age.

Another lovely comment I received this week was from an elderly man in M&S cafe. I had been sat having my hot chocolate and babbling away to Luna about what we had bought shopping, what we still had to buy, how we were meeting daddy for lunch, and various other things. I was probably quite annoying to listen to. Just as I was leaving, the man at the table next to me stopped me and said how he had really enjoyed listening to me chat to my child and how wonderful it was to hear someone interacting with their baby. It actually made me quite sad because to me it is natural and just common sense to talk to Luna all the time – how else will she learn to talk. But the fact he commented suggests that perhaps for other people he knows, interaction with their babies doesnt take place much. Another effect of smart phones I suppose.

This week I finally had my hair done and had my extensions put back in. As we still didn’t have a courtesy car, this meant taking Dave to Cardiff for work in the morning, then making a huge U-turn and heading for Swindon. As usual, Lulu was brilliant and had a little nap, then I was able to feed her whilst Millie, my hairdresser transformed me. My mum met us there (as always) and she took Luna to see the ducks down the road which I think she really enjoyed. Whilst in Swindon, we paid a compulsory visit to the Outlet village where Luna was spoilt by granmy Christina to a huge bag of Baby Gap clothes for when she is bigger (although I have been dressing her in them and just rolling the bottoms up).

Dave and I also had a few meals out planned with friends this week so Luna has come to Celtic Manor, Mango House Indian, and the local pub with us. At Celtic Manor, we joined another couple with a 10 month old baby so it was interesting to see the difference and what Luna will be like soon. I love when babies meet each other and just stare not knowing what to think. At the Indian, Auntie Becky and Uncle Tom came and also stayed over. It’s nice to know Luna’s not loud enough to wake anyone up in the night so we can always have friends over to stay. And finally we invited Uncle Aaron (Dave’s cousin) over and popped to the local pub for lunch. Luna was pretty fussy that day but it was a ‘poo day’ (As she is breastfed, she is currently absorbing most of the milk and therefore only pooing once ot twice a week which I call ‘poo day’ as she get very fussy, uncomfortable and wriggly and has a huge tummy). After she’d finally had her poo she was back to her normal self and had lovely cwtches with Aaron which was lovely to see.

I’ve had a bit of a busy week this week organising Luna’s diary and signing her up to lots of classes. So we have Bubble Tots starting tomorrow so she can learn to swim (because I am rubbish at swimming), baby massage starting next week, baby yoga starting soon, and Daisy Tinies next week which is the follow on class from the birthing classes I attended so it will be lovely to see all those Daisy mums at least once a week. I also met the Daisy mums for a catch up at a softplay centre where the bigger toddlers could play whilst we all chatted but it’s so noisy in those places and with parents constantly attending to children, it’s hard to complete a conversation.

Dave’s last day at work was today and he was a couple of weeks before joining Deloitte so I’m looking forward to some help around the house this week! (Yeah, right).

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