Each Wednesday comes around so quickly nowadays. Four or five months ago I used to wish for the days to hurry up so I could meet my baby, but now I’m wishing for time to slow down so Luna can stay tiny forever.

This week we have been to Daisy Tinies, been to a mother and baby group, been to Whirlikidz soft play (obvisouly not running around the actual softplay, but just chatting to the other Daisy girls with a hot chocolate), and been to baby yoga. Everyone laughs when I mention baby yoga but it is such a good class – a mix of yoga for the mums and gentle stetches and movements for the babies. Luna really enjoyed baby yoga so it is definitely something I will be carrying on.

The biggest difference this week was that Dave was working away in London. I was pretty bored on the first night but I actually really enjoyed having the house to myself for the rest of the week. I did notice that Luna didn’t sleep as well as usual and didn’t settle in the night after she’d fed. Maybe she knew daddy wasn’t around.

On Thursday it was Dave’s birthday so after yoga, Luna and I packed up the car and headed to London via the cattery. Driving for an hour with a wailing cat and hungry baby really wasn’t fun at all.

I was expecting London to be a relaxing break but I forgot how busy and inconsiderate everyone is. I took the baby carrier because prams and tubes don’t sound like they would be much fun together. But although Luna was OK for a few minutes, overall she hated the carrier so I ended uo just carrying her myself round London.

It was lovely to meet my friends from uni, many of which hadn’t met Luna before. And we also managed a trip to China town with Auntie Juli and Uncle Jackson where we put Luna to sleep on the windowsill like a little animal in a zoo, attracting a lot of attention from tourists.

After speaking to my other mummy friends from Daisy, I feel slightly better about how frustrated I have been getting about unwanted advice/help, and I can see it happens to every new mum. But it was a relief to be able to laugh about the things we’ve been told.

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