Today Luna is thirteen weeks old and tomorrow she will be three calendar months old as her birthday is the 22nd June.

Whenever I think we will have a quiet week we always end up doing loads. On Thursday Luna had her jabs again. Dave came with me and held her, but I looked away so i didnt have to see her cry. She was absolutely fine straight away afterwards and we took her to Bubble Tots in the evening. In this session, it was time to dunk the babies under the water. It usually takes a lot to make Luna cry but she certainly let me know she didn’t it.

In the evening, Dave and I went out to Cen at Celtic Manor to celebrate being together five years. Where has the time gone? Luna stayed with Dave’s mum and Alan and slept for most of the time. I’d had quite a bit of sake and felt drunk for the first time in about a year!

On Friday, Fabiana and Emma from the Daisy classes came over with their babies and 18 month year old. We went for a little walk around the estate and to the park and chatted about baby things, and general girly stuff. It was really good to have conversations with adults as I find myself constantly forgetting how to form a sophisticated sentence as I spend all day talking to a baby.

On Saturday, Dave, Luna and I took a lovely nap in the house but I woke up feeling pretty groggy. And on Sunday we went for a morning swim before it was time to say goodbye for Dave for the week as he was heading to London for training for his new job. After dropping him to the train station, Luna and I had a wonder round Bristol and I mentally prepared myself for my bank account to take a hit in Zara Baby, but luckily there wasn’t actually anything I wanted in there.

On Monday my mum came round and we just relaxed all day whilst Luna made us laugh. Then on Tuesday I took Luna to visit my dad and met my mum and brother for and Indian in Devzies.

On Wednesday Dave’s mum came over and watched Luna whilst I went to the gym. It was my first workout in five months and it felt amazing although I’m now lying in bed hoping I don’t get cramp. I’m hoping for a siz pack by Christmas, please. I’ve also got everything ready to visit Dave in London tomorrow for his birthday.

Since Dave has been away, Luna hasn’t settled as quickly in the night – I wonder if she somehow knows Dave isn’t here? She’s also vastly shortened her daytime nap meaning less time for me to get housework done. But it does mean more time playing! During tummy time she holds her head up and tries to look around so it probably won’t be too long before she pushes herself up. She’s turning out to be very nosy and independent. She wants to stand up and hates being held like a baby in the cradle position so i have to hold her like she’s standing all the time so she can have a proper look around.

She’s also become very interested in the television appears facinated by the colours. She will wriggle round or strain her neck to watch TV. I should probably turn it off buy it keeps her occupied for 5 minutes whilst I do the washing.

Tomorrow is the first baby yoga lesson so I am looking forward to that.

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