Luna is pretty much three months old. Her official three month birthday will be next Wednesday 22nd but she is 12 weeks today. It’s so funny watching her turn into a proper little person instead of a scrunched up little ball of baby.

This week, Luna had her first Bubble Tots swimming lesson and absolutely loved it. Seeing her smiling and laughing in the water was amazing and showing her how to blow bubbles and kick her legs was so much fun. I can’t wait to go to the next session and I have added her on to my Celtic Manor membership so she can come swimming with me and Dave all the time. We have taken her twoce this week and she seemed to really enjoy it. She also looks super cute in her little happy nappy costume.

On Friday my mummy came to play and we went to the garden centre and met a skunk called hugo at the reptile centre. Luna did lots of rolling over and lots of smiling and laughing.

I have rearranged all the furniture upstairs so i could take my dressing table out of Luna’s room and into the spare room because when she starts sleeping in her room, I don’t want my hair spray fumes lingering around her. She’s getting a bit big for the moses basket now so it won’t be long before she is in her own bed which makes me very sad. I will probably co-sleep for a bit longer first.

On Sunday we went shopping in Brigend but Luna mostly slept through that. On Monday I took Luna to Daisy Tinies which is the follow on class from the birthing classes I attended. We learnt lots of songs, baby massage etc. In the evening Luna had her first proper laugh – an actual giggle with sound. It was very cute but I haven’t been able to get her to do it again. Maybe I’m not as funny as I thought.

On Tuesday we went to the Whirlkidz meetup where I enjoyed a hot chocolate and a chatter, and then later took luna to Celtic Manor swimming again. Zoe also came round and we had bacon pancakes and maple syrup which were delicious. Then we made blondies which I’ve never attempted but they turned out pretty well.

On Wednesday I took Luna to a mother and baby group near Chepstow where Luna rolled on the mat. Near the end, there were songs and stories and a parachute. It brought back all my memories of being a toddler, running underneath the parachute, singing ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’, ‘Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose’ etc. At lunchtime we then went to baby massage which is run by the health visitors. The babies are naked which means lots of peeing and pooing but luckily Luna had a poo just before the class so I was safe.

I’m not looking forward to next week as Dave starts his new job at Deloitte and thre training is for a week in London so Luna and I will be lonely!

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