Uh-Oh… So I forgot to post last night but I’m only a few hours late.

This week Luna got her first swimming badge (Starfish Level 1) and also her Yoga certificate.

On Friday my mum came round and we went to Celtic Manor for some lunch, whilst Luna had about five poos in the space of an hour – more than she usually has in two weeks. She has become so chatty in the last couple of weeks, especially around other people. Her favourite words are “ah-ba” and “ra ra ra” which I think is her attempt at copying me when I say “roarrr” like a Lion.

At the weekend, we went out for a meal with Auntie Becky and Uncle Tom. Luna is so easy to bring everywhere but she gets major FOMO and misses her nap if there is something more interesting going on so by later on in thr evening she can end up a little irritated.

She has to sit on someone’s lap, but quickly wants to stand so someone always has to hold her in a standing position whilst she struggles to keep herself straight.

On Thursday Luna had her final set of jabs and was fine afterwards, but the next day I noticed a rash forming on her left leg around the jab mark. I phoned NHS Direct and they directed me to the OOH doctors where I was given an appointment the next morning. I usually use Luna as my alarm clock but she actually slept through until almost 9 leaving me with about 30 seconds to get up and out of the house in time for the appointment. It turned out to be nothing, just a little reaction to the jab but I did worry.

I have also ‘applied’ for her baptism which I am hoping to get done at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Chepstow sometime in February next year, so I’m waiting for a response back from the priest.

This week, I have also started to try intorducing Luna to a sippy cup of expressed milk ready for when I go back to work. I really struggled when it was me doing it because she could smell my milk and obviously wanted it direct from the source. However Dave’s mum ‘nana’ had a go with me sat on the other side of the room, out of sight, and Luna was able to sip a tiny bit and can hold the handles, so I’m much more confident about going back to work now.

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