Its the 19th October which means that in three days time, Luna will officially be four calendar months. Thats one third of a year!

After a week of being a bit ill and uninterested in feeding, I did worry that my milk supply would drop and that Luna wouldn’t put on weight, but after having her weighed last week, she is now over a stone and still on the 51st percentile line so I’m back to feeling super confident with the feeding.

On Thursday Luna and I attended Baby Yoga where we did a bit of sensory play. It gave me the idea that instead of Christmas presents that Luna won’t understand, I’m going to make her a sensory play box so I have picked up a few cheap bits and pieces that hopefully she will love playing with.

At the weekend, my best friends came round to stay and I had the surprise of my life when my best friend who moved to Australia walked through my front door. He had only seen Luna on FaceTime so I was so, so happy that they could have real life cuddles! Luna is so sociable and loves being in the company of loads of people. I find when more people are around, she is really smiley and laughs at everyone, and she is quite content having cuddles with any of my friends.

On Monday, it was the final Daisy Tinies session of the term, with a Halloween theme. Obviously I went for a Harry Potter edge and gave Luna a little wand and hat with her Accio Milk bib.

On Tuesday I popped along to the breastfeeding group and then napped with Luna, and today I went to view a nursery right next to my work. I love it and it is perfect so I will be signing Luna up for a day a week and ‘nana’ will look after her the other two days.

I’ve has such an enjoyable week as Luna has been such a good girl! I’m so lucky with her and I am so grateful that everything is working out so well. The Secret really does work after all. 

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