Back To Work

Argh! It’s my last day of maternity leave. The last six months have been the absolute best six months of my life, as well as the most tiring and challenging. I have learnt more than I ever have in twenty-five years and have taken care of a baby from birth to five months old, for almost every single hour of every single day. 
I’m sad to go back to work tomorrow but I’m just not a stay at home parent. I’ve spent too many late nights studying, then working full time whilst continuing my studying, then drowning in Google AdWords guides and immersing myself in my passion of the digital world, to leave it all behind, and I’m definitey ready to continue with my career in order to give Luna everything.
I have nothing against stay at home parents, as to be honest, I’m barely that much better off returning to work than I am staying at home and a part of me would love to be with Luna all day every day. Is it really worth being apart from Luna all day for an extra hundred pounds or so, but really, it’s just not me. And in order to be the best mummy to Luna, I really believe I have to be the best version of myself which for me means getting back into what I love.
Who knows, I might last a week before realising I can’t do it. Expressing 10oz of milk for every day I’m at work is going to be tough, as is knowing someone else is looking after Luna in, probably, a completely different way to the way I would be doing things. 
I know Luna will have tonnes of fun with granny, nana, and at nursery. She already loves interacting with other babies, and meeting new faces. She’s fairly comfortable with whoever is giving her a cuddle, and is pretty much no trouble; smiling and laughing all day long, so I’m confident she will be fine.
Here goes.