Oops – it was Wednesday again yesterday. So apparently I blog on a Thursday now, but I suppose the maternity leave bubble that I currently exsist within means I only know the day of the week based on which baby activity we are attending, but with all the classes being on pause due to half term for the last two weeks, I have zero idea what day it is most of the time.

Luna has continued to progress immensely this week. Lots of rolling over from her front to her back AND now her back to her front once she figured out what to do with that pesky trapped arm.

She has also been blowing raspberries non-stop which basically means she spits in strangers faces when they peep into the pram to have a look at her.

It’s hard to see how the teeny blob of newborness that we had just nineteen weeks ago, is now this massive, wriggling, rolling, raspberry blowing/spitting, talking/cooing/howling, sociable, and hilarious little person. Yesterday Dave said “She’s actually like a person now” and I thought ‘well she was never a cat’. But a couple of months ago she was happy to sit on your lap, like Wolfie, curled up in a ball whilst you watched TV. But now that is not an option as she needs constant social interaction and play.

This week, I can’t really remember specifically what we have done but Christmas shopping featured heavily. I hate to annoy everyone by being one of those ‘I’ve-finished-my-Christmas-shopping-at-the-start-of-November’ kind of people, but as I will be back to work part time at the end of this month, I thought I would take advantage of the (sort of) free time I have, and the sales, and get myself organised to avoid the standard 3pm on the 24th December chaos.

We have also visited friends and a been to a couple of baby groups that were on despite half term. Luna loves meeting other babies and it is adorable to watch them holding hands, touching each othet faces, and communicating in their own special language – I wonder what they are saying.

And finally we have just finished Mums, Bums and Tums at Celtic Manor. I have been meaning to go to this class for, well, the entire time Luna has been around, but I have never quite got round to turning up. Luna and I were the only ones there so I felt like a celebrity taking some kind of private baby personal training class. It was just what I needed to start getting back in shape and I wish it was on more than once a week. The exercises incorporate your baby – my favourite was press ups over the baby and giving Luna a kiss on the nose each time.

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