Not a Newborn Anymore

This week, Luna and I started our second term of Daisy Tinies, and it was clear from the moment we entered the room that Luna was not tiny. As the new mums filed in with their four week old newborns, Luna screamed in delight at the top of her lungs, wriggled her way out of my grip, grabbed for her toys and beamed at everyone with her cheeky ear-to-ear grin. All the while, the brand new babies stayed fast asleep swamped in their car seats, their eyes barely opening, and wrapped up warm in teeny tiny baby grows and socks that looked as though they might just cover Luna’s finger. 

Five minutes in, and it became very apprant that graduating to the Wrigglers class would probably suit Luna a lot more as she couldn’t wait her turn and spent half the time screaming and squealing in happiness.

I think it’s time to admit that Luna is almost half a year old! 

Reinforcing that, is the fact that this week we have had Luna’s high chair delivered, tested her out in the ‘sitting up’ part of the pram (as she is now too nosy to lie down on her back when we go out), got to grips with taking expressed milk from a sippy cup, and carried out lots of research into Baby-Led-Weaning which is something I definitely want to have a go at, despite the mess. 

There was a time not so long ago when I couldn’t understand having two children close together in age, but seeing how quickly that first stage of Luna’s life has flown by makes me understand the desperation to hold, cuddle, and take care of a precious newborn again. Although plans for a second child are definitely NOT in the making right now.

As much as I miss teeny, tiny, baby Luna, she is growing into the most special, funny, energetic little girl and she really is like my best friend. I have so much fun with her and I am so excited for this next stage in her life and our little journey together!