Twenty One Weeks

Hooray – I’ve actually managed to get this week’s post finished on a Wednesday.

This week we have had a really interesting, busy week. On Thursday we somehow fitted in Baby Yoga followed by Mums, Bums and Tums, and then Bubble Tots. Then we headed down the M4 to nana’s house where we had a sleepover. I was initially a bit worried about Luna being out of her routine, but it turned out she doesn’t really have a routine and she just fell asleep around 11pm.

On Friday, I went for a coffee with a Digital Marketing Specialist so I could brush up on the latest developments in the digital world before I return to work at the end of the month. It was really helpful and insightful, and I have challenged myself to complete (or at least start) the Twitter Flight School and Facebook Blueprint exams before returning to work. It got me wondering what Luna will be when she grows up. My job didn’t even exist a few years ago, so maybe the career she ends up taking doesn’t even exist yet. Luna stayed with her nana for a couple of hours and I left 2oz of expressed milk which she took from a sippy cup so I can return to work in the knowledge that she will be able to have her milk.

At the weekend, Auntie Becky and Uncle Tom came to watch the rugby, and play with Luna of course. Luna loves having visitors and is really sociable. We ate about a thousand sticks of garlic bread, pizzas, chocolate, chicken nuggets, and pretty much all the junk food you could think of. I’ll definitely have to start eating healthily when I start weaning Luna as we will be trying baby-led-weaning.

On Monday, we started our second term of Daisy Tinies and it was really clear how not tiny Luna is. She’s definitely not a newborn anymore. I’ll most likely move her into the Wrigglers class in a couple of weeks.

Afterwards, my mum came round and we went to Paint on Me in Chepstow to get Luna’s hand and footprints done on pottery pieces. I made a photo frame and a mug, and my mum chose a plate (although I still decorated it).

On Tuesday Liam came to play as he had the week off work. We went to Prezzo for some lunch and Luna spent the entire time (and I literally mean the whole time) screaming and squealing at the top of her lungs as she was so excited. Everything I tried to do to distract her just made her more excited and she screamed even more. Luckily the waiters found her entertaining and said it was lovely to see such a happy baby.