Twenty Weeks

You know your life is easy when the most stressful part of the day is rummaging through Luna’s sock draw trying to find a pair that exactly match the pattern on her top. No Dave, that pink is not the same as the other pink.

This week I have become even more appreciative of how good Luna is. We have done so much but it is almost as if she has forgotten what crying is – instead she has had a permanent beam across her face. All our visitors, and even shop assistants or random elderly ladies in the street have commented on how calm and smiley she is, and having no other babies of my own to compare, I suppose I can only be hugely grateful. Thank you Luna!

On Friday, my mum came to visit and we had a quick wander around the shops, including the Jojo factory shop where we filled a bag with bargains. Then, at the weekend, a few of my friends stayed round and Luna was brilliant. As long as she is getting a bit of attention or having a cuddle, she’s fine – and with a house full of people, there was always someone to give her a cuddle. She accompanied us to Cabot Circus and Cribbs Causeway, and then Newport the next day, and we barely heard a peep, apart from little laughs and screams of excitement. I love seeing her with my friends and it’s so nice to see how smiley and relaxed she is around them.

After figuring out last week that she can roll over confidently, I now keep looking down to find her on her front, when just seconds ago she was on her back, and she is now so strong that she literally pulls her toys apart. The little plastic keys etc that hang above her chair and playmat can regularly be found in her mouth after she has yanked them from their velcro secures.

In terms of weight, she is almost 15 lbs and has firmly established herself on the 50th percentile line – exactly average. I’m still breastfeeding on demand, but starting to research baby-led weaning as I will be making a decision on whether to go down this route soon. I’m also co-sleeping as I find it SO much easier for night time feeds. I just shuffle slightly closer to Luna and boob is served. Then after Dave leaves for work, I lift Luna back into her moses basked and enjoy the entire bed to myself until she wakes a little bit later.

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