A Week Back At Work

I’ve successfully completed my first week back at work as a part time working mummy. I do miss the bubble of maternity leave; waking up late (yes, Luna loves lie ins too), dragging myself and the baby downstairs only to cuddle back up on the sofa with This Morning, Loose Women, and Friends repeats on in the background, pottering round the shops buying cute outfits in bigger sizes so I could justify buying more baby clothes, and having the occasional hot chocolate. 

I’m definitely sweeping over all the impossibly difficult times because I want to remember the first 5 months of Luna’s life as the happiest of my life! However feeding every 2 hours at night, teething unbearably in the middle of the shops, not being able to work out why Luna was crying, not getting to eat even one mouthful of a meal before it went cold, and spending a large majority of my time on my own with someone who can neither understand me, nor talk back, can get pretty lonely and stressful. So I am glad to have a few hours a day back for myself, even if it is at work.

Luna spent the days I was at work with Granny and Nana, so I knew she would be fine. She didn’t take any milk from her sippy cup despite me teaching her to use it for the last month, but she didnt really show signs of hunger either and just caught up with her feeds as soon as we were reunited. 

It will take a while to properly settle back in and get a routine going, and Luna starts nursery one day a week next year so things will change again then, but I’m happy and confident that I can make this work.