Twenty Five Weeks

We are approaching the six month mark – only one more week left. For now, Luna is still technically sitting in the ‘five and a bit months’ category. 

This week we have been recovering from being very ill. About 12 of my uni friends came round for the weekend to celebrate Christmas together, like we do every year. As always I played the role of Monica – hosting and not letting anyone help (as it just stresses me out more – other people just do things wrong). I successfully cooked a full Christmas for everyone and hosted a sleepover making up beds anywhere there was floor space. But this year we had Luna joining us. She is so sociable and absolutely loves to be centre of attention. She is certainly not shy and loved meeting all my friends. 

On Monday we attended the final Daisy Wrigglers session of the year which was of course Christmas themed and Claire read us That’s not my Polar Bear. I love those books and Luna loves grabbing them.

Whilst I have been at work, Luna had been a brilliant girl at nana’s house. The routine at the moment is to meet Dave’s mum at the motorway services, and then carry on into Cardiff. It’s a bit of a rush in the morning, and every single morning I wish I had got everything ready the night before – but I never do. I end up expressing milk whilst driving which admittedly probably isnt he safest way to go about it but I have ordered a bra that holds the pump in place for handsfree expressing.Luna still isn’t a fan of her cup, even though I know she can use it. (To be honest it’s a waste of all my expressing). So by the time I meet Dave’s mum at 6pm, Luna is definitely ready for a feed and I have to feed her in my car for about half an hour. I’m hoping that as I start weaning her, she will be able to go a bit longer without milk, or that she will learn to like her cup.

Apart from the milk issue, I’m really enjoying being back at work. Of course, I wish I was super rich and could stay at home with Luna going to all our lovely baby classes but I want to move house in 2017, so I need to go to work. Every picture I get sent of Luna whilst I am at work, she is smiling and laughing in, so I know she’s having a lovely time! 

This week was my work Christmas party. Last year I was about four months pregnant so couldnt drink, but this year I was looking forward to a few proseccos. I was also really excited to get dressed up in a sparkly dress and heels, and wear a full face of make up. I have SO much desinger make up but nowadays I’m lucky if I even wash my face let alone run a mascara wand over my lashes.

  1. The day before, I had tried on a dress in a size 12. It was comfortable but a tad baggy and also broken so I decided to buy the same dress in the Cardiff store in my lunch break the next day. However in Cardiff they only had the dress in black which turned out to be nicer. I picked a size 10 to be a bit more figure hugging but when I tried it on back at the office it was SO tight and I couldnt move. I was so gutted and felt fat and horrible before noticing the label was actually a size 6 and the size 10 paper tag was wrong. I felt a lot better and stressfully swapped the dress for a real size 10 in the Bristol store about 15 mins before getting ready for the party. 

New research suggests that the amount of alcohol that gets through to breastmilk is like a shot glass in an ocean, so even after a few rounds of drinks, it is still safe to breastfeed (athough it might not actually be safe to be looking after a baby). However, I did not expect Luna to be so distraught from being away from me for a few hours longer, that Dave and his mum would have to bring Luna to my party. I tried quickly to sober up and then fed Luna in the back of Dave’s mum’s car inbetween my starter and my main course. I managed to stay out until midnight and then decided to just get a taxi home. Just as I was turning into our road, Dave rung to say Luna had awoken for her night time feed – perfect timing!

Next week will be weaning week – I’m just waiting for Luna to learn how to sit up a bit better so we can get going with the Baby Led Weaning, but is having far too much fun rolling all round the house to concentrate on sitting in one place for a few minutes.