Twenty Four Weeks

We’ve had a poorly week this week. I have been struck with some kind of norrovirus bug leaving me completely drained and out of action at the weekend. Then, during the week, Luna went from being a baby who has barely been sick in her life, to being a baby who was sick every half an hour. She couldn’t keep anything down.

Hearing her being sick whilst I was on the motorway was horrible as there was nothing I could do, I just knew she was sat in her little chair, covered in her own sick. I eventually gave in and stopped on the hard shoulder but there was nothing I could do until I go to my destination: Whitehall Garden Centre. I was so stressed and upset by the time I arrived, that as soon as I saw my mum I burst into tears.  Then, Luna was sick again in the garden centre and went very pale and floppy so the staff called a paramedic. I hadn’t slept in days and still felt weak myself so the whole thing was really horrible and stressful. I knew she was probably ok but the paramedic confirmed she probably had a bug, and said babies tend to go floppy when they are ill. I gave her a long feed to keep her hydrated but straight away she was sick all over me.

We managed to finish our trip and saw the donkeys and reindeers. Then, via a trip to Asda for some new, clean leggings, I left Luna with my dad and headed to Daunseys to watch Billy Elliot. I was obviously worried about Luna but I knew she would just sleep the whole time. 

My mum then came back to Wales with me and looked after Luna in Bristol whilst I was at work the next day. She nearly managed to go all morning without being sick, but just before I met them for lunch she was sick. Then, the next day, we had one episode, and one more the day after, so although things calmed down, we have not had the best week.

The positives of this week are that I have some really clear ideas about what I want to achieve next year business wise, which is keeping me motivated whilst I am away from Luna at work. I’ve also heard some definite ‘mumumumu’ sounds so hopefully in a few months, her first word might be ‘mummy’.

Anyway, not really sure how many times I can write the word ‘sick’ so I’d better hope next week is a better one.