Twenty Three Weeks

IT’S DECEMBER! I’ve never really got the fuss about Christmas. I like stuffing my face with Quality Street for an entire month, and it can be exciting opening presents, but coming from the world of marketing myself, I just think so much of Christmas is an excuse for companies to sell tacky crap. What happened to baby Jesus???

Seriously, has Luna pulled her sock of AGAIN?

This year, not much has changed, I still think Christmas is overrated, but who knew baby clothes could be so perfect! I have absolutely loved picking out all the little babygrows, socks, and cardigans, which Luna can finally wear now it is December. And as well as the clothes, it has been exciting picking little Christmas presents. I’ve spent no more than about £50 on Luna as she obviously has no idea what Christmas is – she is facinated by my fingers and my hands, and will play with my fingers over her toys any day – but I’m not so cold to not buy her anything.

The last week has been a huge week for Luna:

Luna has moved from Daisy Tinies to Daisy Wrigglers. As I’ve previously mentioned, her impressive rolling skills means Tinies isn’t really stimulating enough for her, but she absolutely LOVED wrigglers. This week was ‘pond’ themed. We read That’s Not My Duck, played with ducky toys, looked in mirrors, rolled on a foil blanket, and learnt new songs and games, including a special somersault! (Hooray, Luna is going to be a gymnast). Moving to Wrigglers was definitely the right decision and I can’t wait for next week!

Luna has also been on a train. At the weekend, we went to Birmingham with my best friends but instead of driving in to the centre, we met at Solihul and got the train. She probably had no idea what was going on but it was exciting for me. It was a pretty long day for her but she was good as gold.

I’ve gone back to work this week! On Tuesday, I started work in Cardiff and my my took Luna to Sophia Gardens and to the shops. I received litte pictures of Luna all day and didn’t worry about her at all really. We met up at lunch time so I could feed Luna, but still had to express at my desk under my jumper, which was really fun! 

On Wednesday, I was working in Bristol, but my mum stayed at my house with Luna. I worried a bit more and found it hard to concentrate because Luna was dar away, technically in a different country, but she was fine all day. She didn’t take any milk, despite me expressing for about half an hour to get five oz – thanks Luna! But she didn’t seem bothered and just caught up on her feeds once I was back! 

I’m excited to be back in work and Luna will love spending days with Granny, Nana, Daddy, and at nursery next year.