Six Months and Three Weeks

What have we done this week? Well on Thursday we started a new term of Baby Yoga. When I first started, Luna was the youngest baby there, I think she was about eight weeks old. But now, at nearly seven months, I’m pretty sure she was the oldest. Sadly, it will probably be the last term of Baby Yoga we go to, as Luna is just too wriggly to lie down, plus Thursday will soon be my only free day of the week, and the housework doesn’t do itself.

We also attended Mums, Bums and Tums (which left me aching the next day), and Bubble Tots. Luna is usually fast asleep when we get to Bubble Tots but this week we were quite early so she had time to wake up properly before swimming. She was so much more alert and enjoyed it much more! 

Weaning update: Luna still isn’t really interested in food. She won’t let me put a spoon anywhere near her mouth so we are cracking on with the Baby Led Weaning. I’m wondering whether the fact she is teething so badly means that she doesn’t really want to ‘learn to eat’. I’m sure she will pick it up soon, especially with Dave and me as parents, she can’t not be a food lover!

Luna has been to nursery for two full Fridays now, and I think she loves it. I always peek through the window before picking her up so I can see what she is doing and if she looks happy. The first time she was fast asleep, and the second time she was bouncing on her key worker’s lap singing songs. It’s also super handy being next door to work as I have been able to feed her at lunch time meaning I get to see her and don’t have to sit at my desk expressing milk.

Although it’s all working out really well so far, as a long term plan, i’m kind of thinking “what’s the point having a baby and then not seeing them for the majority of the time, and then they start school, and then they leave home. Like, what’s the point? I want to be able to enjoy every minute with Luna and just cuddle her all the time. I don’t want to miss her first steps or first words. Let’s see what 2017 has to offer me!