Six Months and Two Weeks

To avoid being one of those people who says their child is 42 months when actually they are just three, I’ll start naming these blog posts in months instead of weeks. I still want to be able to look back and see how old Luna was when she did certain things, but from about six months it’s probably easier to work in months rather than weeks.

So we’ve made it through the first week of 2017 and I’ve had a couple of days back at work. I’m actually finding it really hard – when someone else is looking after your baby, you basically have no control over how they are looked after. You can ‘set the rules’ and leave all the necessary bit and pieces but you will never actually know what’s happening. And it’s realy hard. For example I’ve been trying to do Baby Led Weaning with Luna but I know she has been having mush instead. I try to just switch off and not worry about the things that don’t matter that much but if I could go back in time I would definitely have a longer maternity leave so I could be totally in control of Luna’s weaning etc. But at the time I just couldn’t get on with the lack of money each month! 

We have, however, had loads of fun this week. We attended the last Daisy class in the term which was a New Year’s Party, and Luna showed off her army crawling skills. 

Also, for New Year, Juli and Jackson came to stay. We went out for an Indian (after a ‘starter’ of McDonalds) and then after cheersing a glass of prosecco at midnight, we saw in the new year playing Risk and Monopoly (Dave’s favourite games), and a few rounds of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Luna absolutely loves Juli and Jackson and I really hope we move closer together one day soon so they can see Luna grow up!