Twenty Seven Weeks

It’s the last week of 2017 and this week was Luna’s first Christmas. Obviously she didn’t really know what was going on but she definitely knew it was a special day as she fought off every opportunity to nap and tried so hard to stay awake through all the excitement. In the morning we went to church and she sang along to the carols. Then we spent the day at Dave’s mum’s house where Luna was extremely spoilt and had a mountain of clothes and toys to open. At lunch time she tried a few vegetables but wasn’t really too interested. 
On Boxing Day we spent the afternoon at my Dad’s where Luna spent literally hours playing ‘trampoline’. This is a game which has clearly been inherited from my trampolining days and basically consists of someone holding her and bouncing her up in the air – she does the leg movements. If you stop, she cries until you start again and the fake tears instantly turn into a smile. It’s great fun for Luna but not so much for everyone’s arm muscles. So we spent the whole time passing her round the table to play ‘trampoline’. Then for the evening we saw my mummy, granny, and even though Luna was clearly exhausted from the two days of Christmas celebrations, she smiled, laughed, rolled, and entertained everyone! 

Having a week off work after being back for just a month has been so lovely, it’s like being back on maternity leave. I didn’t realise how much I missed Luna until I was back with her every day. Next year is going to be a real struggle as in April I have planned to move up to four days a week – but 2017 is definitely going to be a good year!

(I had a horrible cold over Christmas so wasn’t able to take many nice pictures)