Eight Months Old

Happy eight months to my little Luna! She is 2/3 of a year old!

Last week my phone smashed so I quickly logged onto my icloud account to save all my pictures in case I couldn’t get them from my phone. I was scrolling back, further and further, and came across so many pictures of Luna when she was just days and weeks old. I can still remember her little face all squished up. Her eyes were always closed and she was always sleeping in that position that babies do with her hands up by her head.

I realised I had over 4500 pictures on my phone and about 98% of them are over Luna. Each picture has about 10-20 shots so I get the right one, but it’s impossible to delete them even if they are blurry or Luna’s not looking at the camera.

I’m only just getting used to Luna being in 6-9 months clothes, and in just four weeks she will be into the final size of clothing before she is one year old. Although, she is still quite small and I have been dressing her in her 3-6 months clothes still. I’m excited for another trip to Zara in Bristol which has the best range of baby clothes, but I’m not looking forward to her being out of the mini range 🙁

Luna still has almost zero interest in food. Apart from chocolate. Obviously I don’t actually feed her chocolate, but she does like to smell and try to lick chocolate buttons. Dave thinks it’s because I eat so much chocolate that my milk tastes of chocolate, so Luna already loves it. Whilst we laugh about it, that might not be such a crazy theory, so this week I am going to try to eat a little bit healthier. Generally I’m quite healthy – I barely touch processed food and usually have fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat/fish from the farm shop. However, I have a super sweet tooth and will happily live on a packet of chocolate buttons and nothing else for the day! Working in an office doesn’t help because there are always biscuits and cake (brought in by me). It’s really important to me for Luna to grow up with a healthy attitude towards food and body image which is why we chose baby led weaning, but so far she just loves my milk too much!

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be able to announce some exciting news, but for now, there’s nothing else much going on.