Seven Months and Three Weeks

Luna’s basically eight months now as I’m almost a week late writing this. She’s getting to the really fun stage where she’s constantly smiling and giggling and being cheeky.

When she was really little, I made a scrapbook and one of the pages was about what we thought her personality would be like. She was about 2 months at the time but all the traits I saw in her when she was tiny are now so clear. She is clever, funny, cheeky, mischievous, chatty, confident, independent, a bit naughty, friendly, and a bit spoilt. She has already learnt the ‘fake cry’ trick from me which is so funny to watch. If she doesnt get her own way instantly she pulls a really sad face and starts fake crying, and then as soon as she gets her way she drops the act and laughs.

I’ve also recently started thinking she will be in to science (boooring) because she seems to have discovered gravity. Instead of eating any food I give her, she picks it up and slowly moves her hand to the side so it’s off the high chair tray. She then slowly lifts it up in the air, all the while keeping her gaze fixed on the food, and drops it to the ground watching it fall. She looks so amazed at what’s just happened and then looks at me for ab explaination. Of course, I just pick the piece of banana up and give it back to her.

We still have pretty much no joy with food. She will taste the odd thing, literally about one lick a week, but apart from that she is still booby mad and we spend all our time together with her stuck to me!  But I love it and have absolutely no plans to stop. I’ve also definitely decided to do the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers course to become a breastfeeding peer supporter. I don’t know why but I’ve become super passionate about breastfeeding. Usually I only care about business-y/economics-y/marketing-y things, basically anything to do with making money. But this is the first cause I have really cared about that is purely social and about helping other people which feels good because it shows me I’m not as materialistic and money-ambitious as I always thought I was.

I’ve also been thinking lately about sleeping arrangements. Luna is too big for the moses basket now and she can climb out so I can’t even use it as somewhere to put her when I’m in the shower. I started looking at co-sleepers but they aren’t that much bigger than a moses basket. I wasn’t ready for Luna to go into her own room yet. I know a lot of people are keen to get babies in their own rooms for a number of reasons but for me I need Luna next to me. Firstly, it means she can basically feed herself in the night so I hardly have to wake up really, abd secondly, we all sleep better in the same bed – I’m relaxed knowing Luna is right next to me and Luna sleeps well knowing I’m close. I’m sure that’s how we would have slept in ‘caveman’ days and I try to base my mothering on cavemen for example breastfeeding for as long as possible, baby led weaning and waiting for Luna to show a natural interest in food, caveman diet, and cosleeping.