Seven Months and Two Weeks

Seven and a half months – we are getting closer and closer to one year old! Luna has been a bit poorly again this week and hasn’t been great at keeping her milk down. It’s really fun at 2am when she suddenly wakes up being sick everywhere – especially as we co-sleep! This has happened five nights in a row so I’ve been pretty tired this week.

On Monday, Daisy Wrigglers wasn’t on so instead, a few of us met at the Garden Centre for a coffee and a chit chat. Being a mum can be super lonely sometimes. I feel like although Luna is my best friend, it’s quite challenging going all day without having a proper conversation. It also gives you more time to think about things and analyse things, and wind yourself up going crazy – when if there was another adult around, you could just ask a quick question and get a quick answer.

However, meeting up with other mums is such a good way to stay sane. It can reassure you that something your baby is doing is normal, as well as making you realising that you are not the only person in the world whose boyfriend is incapable of putting socks in the washing basket/putting anything in the washing basket/putting clean folded washing away/tidying up/doing a task whilst holding the baby/etc etc etc…

After our morning meet-up, I had arranged a meeting with someone for some career advice in the world of digital marketing. It went very well and it got me thinking about my life options and helped me to make a really difficult decision.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had work as usual. It’s really sad because I absolutely love my job, but being away from Luna all day is making me resent work. I know I have to work to be able to earn money, but when most of that money is spent on travelling to work, and paying someone else to look after my baby whilst I am at work, it just doesn’t seem to make sense. Add to the mix that it’s agony handing Luna over in the morning and missing her all day, plus spending my lunch times expressing as much milk as I possibly can, – what’s the point! Every single day, Luna learns something new, and I really don’t want to miss her first steps/words/etc, so I had a really big decision to make.

On Thursday, we attended our usual Sing and Sing class in Chepstow. A month ago when we started, I thought I would never pick up all the signs, but already, I know so many words and find myself using them. Luna has even started waving with two hands at everyone she meets which I’m sure has been helped by the ‘Wave Hello, Wave Hello, Wave Hello Hi and Wave Hello Low, Let’s All Wave Hello’ song which I can’t get out of my head. (Other verses include Clap Clap Clap, Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, Shake Shake Shake). We then headed to Baby Yoga which is a really chilled and relaxing class. This week there were moving, coloured lights projected onto the ceiling which Luna found thoroughly entertaining – I must buy her one of those projectors.

Dave and I have also been searching all over South Wales for a new house. I love our house but it is just a teeny bit too small now. In an ideal world I would want 2 reception rooms, 4 bedrooms with an ensuite, a separate office, a utility room, storage space, a large kitchen/diner and a nice garden. I thought I was asking too much for our budget until I came across the perfect property within budget, in a lovely location. I was so excited and rushed over for a viewing. The house was so perfect, but as we turned in to the road, we realised why it was within our budget – there was a pylon on the estate. I’m still upset by it because I thought we had found our dream house, but I suppose everything always falls into place and we will just have to keep looking.