Ten Months

We’re now well into Luna’s eleventh month of life, so we’re due an update on how Luna is getting on at ten months old.

The last month has been absolutely amazing! I have been self employed which means I get to wake up to a day with Luna almost every morning. I love leaving her to sleep and letting her wake up naturally instead of rushing and stuffing her into a carseat at 6am. I love sitting her in her high chair and giving her yogurt and puffed wheat for breakfast. And I love watching her play whilst I crack on with work. I do still have days when I go to the office to get things done, but I don’t have to arrive at 9 or stay until 5. I’m 100% flexible.

Luna is at SUCH a fun age. She is absolutely hilarious and has me laughing literally all the time. I don’t know whether she just laughs for no reason, or because she finds something funny, or just because she knows it will make me laugh, but she just bursts out laughing really loudly for no reason and carries on for ages.

Her favourite game is called “Let’s systematically take all the toys out of the toy box and throw them behind me then take all the books of the bookshelf and throw them around the room”. Luna loves it, but mummy does not see the point of the game.

Luna also loves to blow raspberries/spit everywhere, and can ‘click’ her tongue perfectly to make a clicking noise. They are both clearly things she has learnt from daddy but I’m actually quite impressed with her. Now Luna is a bit bigger, it’s so nice to see Dave able to properly interact with her. I think a lot of dads feel the same when the baby is newborn – like there’s not much they can do, especially if the mum is breastfeeding. Feeding times = mummy. Crying = mummy. Bedtime = mummy. But now Luna is a ‘proper person’, Dave’s built the cutest relationship with and created his own games to play with her. For example, to stop her crying when he changes her nappy, he puts her leggings on his head and shakes them around – and she finds it hilarious. He has also taught her to drink from a plastic bottle which makes things a lot easier when I have inevitably forgotten her cup again. And of course, no one else can put Luna on their shoulders in the way daddy can!