12 Months

It has been so long since I have updated this blog, but seeing it is 4:30pm and I have 13 things left on my to do list and a million more things not even written down, what better time to take a break and update the blog.

I’m trying to think back to what Luna was like at 12 months old, but she changes so much every day that I just can’t remember. I know she had just started to walk, literally a few days before her first birthday – so that’s exciting. I also remember she became a lot more vocal and learnt the word ‘duck’. Now I don’t just mean she made a sound that sounded like ‘duck’ – she could actually point out even the smallest of ducks in a picture book or our ornamental bathroom duck whilst saying ‘duck’. I think that qualifies as her first real word. Anyone that knows me will know of my pretend obsession with ducks (I don’t actually like them – it’s just a weird joke) so I’m thrilled this is Luna’s first word. In fact, at my baby shower, everyone filed in those little prediction cards and in answer to the point “I hope you learn…”,  one of my best friends wrote “to love ducks”.

Luna’s first birthday party was something I had been planning since before she was even born. I love a party. Dave and I are always the hosts and I love having my friends over, cooking for them, and generally just chilling out. Putting on a BBQ is a particular favourite of ours so the sunny whether that is accompanies Luna’s birth month made the perfect opportunity to throw a BBQ for her party.

We invited all our family and friends including uni friends and new baby group friends. There was probably around 30 people in total throughout the day. As usual, I roped my best friends in the helping me prepare the food the night before. Next time I invite them for a sleepover the night before an event I’m expecting a “no”. On the eve of Luna’s Baptism I had them up until the early hours of the morning putting tiny balls in the exact right place on the cake. This time, I had them blowing up balloons, baking contrasting huge cakes and mini cupcakes, and tidying my house. I let them go to bed around 1am and then stayed up until 5am continuing to tidy the house, make homemade pulled pork, homemade guacamole, homemade coleslaw and more. It was stressful and exhausting and Luna won’t remember any of it but I wanted to throw her a lovely day and take lots of photos. The one thing I didn’t have time to do, however, was make myself look nice. I really regret that because it meant I didn’t want to be in any photos.

Luckily, two of my best friends from school stayed round in the evening and we took Luna out for cocktails. Yes – you read that right. Luna probably had no idea it was her birthday and although she enjoyed the toys and attention, the day was mainly for me to celebrate keeping a small person alive for one whole year. So I wanted to dress up and have a few drinks. This also meant I could spend a bit of time getting ready and take some lovely pictures.

I’m already excited to plan Luna’s next birthday party – to be honest I think I just really enjoy blowing up balloons!