Six In Six – November 2018

There are only six weeks to go until Christmas, so I thought it would be the perfect time to create a new Six in Six to give myself some new goals to complete.

For anyone not familiar with the Six in Six concept, it’s basically where you choose six goals to complete over a six week (or month for bigger goals) period. The concept works well because it’s flexible. If you want to take a week off to chill and then smash it the next week, you can do so without feeling stressed that you haven’t completely a weekly goal. So for someone like me who struggles with anxiety if I’m not 100% productive and efficient at all times, it allows me to relax knowing that as long as all my goals are completed at the end of the Six in Six period, it’s ok.

So here’s what I’m looking to achieve over the next six weeks.

Lunax Goals

  1. Lunax’s website will be live. Even if it’s not precisely how I want it to look, I will get it live and tweak it later.
  2. Lunax’s service lists/brochures will be complete and printed.
  3. Lunax’s systems and processes will be finalised and recorded to reduce the tacit knowledge within the company.

Personal Goals

  1. I will have drafted and finalised the plans for my new business venture (soon to be revealed).
  2. I will have joined the gym. Again.
  3. I will have finished redesigning my blog.

Check back on Christmas Day to see what I managed to tick off!