Why I Quit My Job To Start My Business

About one year ago, I was having a bad day at work. You might have been too. We all have good days and bad days at work – but I’d been having bad day upon bad day since I’d returned from maternity leave and I knew it wouldn’t take many more of these bad days […]

The end of 2017

I can’t quite believe how long it has been since I’ve updated this blog. I’ve actually forgotten how to write, which is strange because I have always loved writing. I started this blog as a way to remember every week of Luna’s life when she was tiny, but as she gets bigger, developmental milestones happen […]

12 Months

It has been so long since I have updated this blog, but seeing it is 4:30pm and I have 13 things left on my to do list and a million more things not even written down, what better time to take a break and update the blog. I’m trying to think back to what Luna […]

Eleven Months

It was exactly a year ago that I went on maternity leave. I was 38 weeks pregnant and wanted to work up until 40 weeks, but everyone encouraged me to finish a couple of weeks early to have time to ‘relax’. The baby then appeared two weeks after the due date which gave me a […]

Ten Months

We’re now well into Luna’s eleventh month of life, so we’re due an update on how Luna is getting on at ten months old. The last month has been absolutely amazing! I have been self employed which means I get to wake up to a day with Luna almost every morning. I love leaving her […]

Luna’s Baptism

On 30th April 2017, we had little Luna Bear baptised. I’d been going to the church in Chepstow for quite a few months. I don’t really know why – catholic guilt I suppose. I planned to get her baptised when she was about three months old but it just took me so long to get […]

Nine Months

So, my weekly life isn’t really interesting enough to update every week, but moving to monthly posting means I have a million and one things to write. A couple of months ago, I had just settled into my new working mum routine. Wake up, drop Luna off to Dave’s mum or nursery, go to work, […]


It’s only March and 2017 has already thrown so many challenges my way. Literally every aspect of my life has changed or is about to. Over the last couple of months, Luna has gone from being a little teeny baby who can just about sit up for 10 seconds before wobbling over, to an almost-toddler […]

Eight Months Old

Happy eight months to my little Luna! She is 2/3 of a year old! Last week my phone smashed so I quickly logged onto my icloud account to save all my pictures in case I couldn’t get them from my phone. I was scrolling back, further and further, and came across so many pictures of […]