Why Going Back To Work Was The Wrong Decision For Me

Once again I’ve found myself tearful and upset over something that’s out of my control.  When I first found out that I was pregnant, my main worry was about how it would affect my career. I had just had my promotion and was working hard towards my next one. However I decided that if I […]

Six Months and Two Weeks

To avoid being one of those people who says their child is 42 months when actually they are just three, I’ll start naming these blog posts in months instead of weeks. I still want to be able to look back and see how old Luna was when she did certain things, but from about six […]

Twenty Seven Weeks

It’s the last week of 2017 and this week was Luna’s first Christmas. Obviously she didn’t really know what was going on but she definitely knew it was a special day as she fought off every opportunity to nap and tried so hard to stay awake through all the excitement. In the morning we went […]

Twenty Six Weeks – Six Months

Happy six month birthday to my little baby Luna! There are only three days until Christmas but I am so much more excited about the fact that I have looked after a baby almost every day for half a year! This week we attended the Daisy Christmas party where I ate lots of biscuits and […]

Twenty Four Weeks

We’ve had a poorly week this week. I have been struck with some kind of norrovirus bug leaving me completely drained and out of action at the weekend. Then, during the week, Luna went from being a baby who has barely been sick in her life, to being a baby who was sick every half […]

Twenty Three Weeks

IT’S DECEMBER! I’ve never really got the fuss about Christmas. I like stuffing my face with Quality Street for an entire month, and it can be exciting opening presents, but coming from the world of marketing myself, I just think so much of Christmas is an excuse for companies to sell tacky crap. What happened […]

Back To Work

Argh! It’s my last day of maternity leave. The last six months have been the absolute best six months of my life, as well as the most tiring and challenging. I have learnt more than I ever have in twenty-five years and have taken care of a baby from birth to five months old, for […]

Not a Newborn Anymore

This week, Luna and I started our second term of Daisy Tinies, and it was clear from the moment we entered the room that Luna was not tiny. As the new mums filed in with their four week old newborns, Luna screamed in delight at the top of her lungs, wriggled her way out of […]

Twenty One Weeks

Hooray – I’ve actually managed to get this week’s post finished on a Wednesday. This week we have had a really interesting, busy week. On Thursday we somehow fitted in Baby Yoga followed by Mums, Bums and Tums, and then Bubble Tots. Then we headed down the M4 to nana’s house where we had a […]