Twenty Weeks

You know your life is easy when the most stressful part of the day is rummaging through Luna’s sock draw trying to find a pair that exactly match the pattern on her top. No Dave, that pink is not the same as the other pink. This week I have become even more appreciative of how […]

Nineteen Weeks

Oops – it was Wednesday again yesterday. So apparently I blog on a Thursday now, but I suppose the maternity leave bubble that I currently exsist within means I only know the day of the week based on which baby activity we are attending, but with all the classes being on pause due to half […]

Eighteen Weeks

Uh-Oh… So I forgot to post last night but I’m only a few hours late. This week Luna got her first swimming badge (Starfish Level 1) and also her Yoga certificate. On Friday my mum came round and we went to Celtic Manor for some lunch, whilst Luna had about five poos in the space […]

Seventeen Weeks

Its the 19th October which means that in three days time, Luna will officially be four calendar months. Thats one third of a year! After a week of being a bit ill and uninterested in feeding, I did worry that my milk supply would drop and that Luna wouldn’t put on weight, but after having […]

Sixteen Weeks

Hooray, we’ve made it past the fifteen week fussy stage. I’m still telling people Luna is “about three and a half months” because in my head I’m pretending she is still one day old, and saying “four months” is a milestone I am just not ready to accept yet! Besides, her official four calendar month […]

Fifteen weeks

We’re at an awkward stage where I don’t know what to say when people ask how old she is and I have to think about it for a second. Is she really three and a half months old already? And does fifteen weeks sound younger than three and a half months. I miss taking her […]

Fourteen weeks

Each Wednesday comes around so quickly nowadays. Four or five months ago I used to wish for the days to hurry up so I could meet my baby, but now I’m wishing for time to slow down so Luna can stay tiny forever. This week we have been to Daisy Tinies, been to a mother […]

Thirteen Weeks

Today Luna is thirteen weeks old and tomorrow she will be three calendar months old as her birthday is the 22nd June. Whenever I think we will have a quiet week we always end up doing loads. On Thursday Luna had her jabs again. Dave came with me and held her, but I looked away […]

Twelve weeks

Luna is pretty much three months old. Her official three month birthday will be next Wednesday 22nd but she is 12 weeks today. It’s so funny watching her turn into a proper little person instead of a scrunched up little ball of baby. This week, Luna had her first Bubble Tots swimming lesson and absolutely […]