24 things I have learnt in 24 months of motherhood.

I don’t quite know how, but somehow I have managed to keep another human being alive for 24 months. Little Luna is now TWO YEARS OLD and whilst the path over those last two years has been about as straight as her ringlets, it’s been the best time of my life (urgh – so cliche). […]

Breastfeeding: Two years later

I’m very confused at the world! I can’t understand how something that (without scientific involvement) is essential for the continuation of the the human race, attracts so much controversy. Whether it’s media attention because a new mother was asked to breastfeed her baby in the toilet, or a viral Facebook post about a veteran breastfeeder […]

12 Months

It has been so long since I have updated this blog, but seeing it is 4:30pm and I have 13 things left on my to do list and a million more things not even written down, what better time to take a break and update the blog. I’m trying to think back to what Luna […]

Luna’s Baptism

On 30th April 2017, we had little Luna Bear baptised. I’d been going to the church in Chepstow for quite a few months. I don’t really know why – catholic guilt I suppose. I planned to get her baptised when she was about three months old but it just took me so long to get […]

Nine Months

So, my weekly life isn’t really interesting enough to update every week, but moving to monthly posting means I have a million and one things to write. A couple of months ago, I had just settled into my new working mum routine. Wake up, drop Luna off to Dave’s mum or nursery, go to work, […]

Seven Months and Two Weeks

Seven and a half months – we are getting closer and closer to one year old! Luna has been a bit poorly again this week and hasn’t been great at keeping her milk down. It’s really fun at 2am when she suddenly wakes up being sick everywhere – especially as we co-sleep! This has happened […]

Seven Months and One Week

Over the last week, so much has changed. I’ve made a U turn about pretty much everything in my life. But now, I feel like all the decisions I’m making are the right ones. They are what I actually want to do rather than what I think I should be doing. Now it’s not just […]

Seven Months

I’m a bit late with the seven month blog post but I have been super busy recently. I’ve still found the time to print Luna’s footprints though so I can add ‘number seven’ to the picture frame. I can’t believe in just five footprints time, Luna will be one whole year old!!! Over the last […]

Six Months and Three Weeks

What have we done this week? Well on Thursday we started a new term of Baby Yoga. When I first started, Luna was the youngest baby there, I think she was about eight weeks old. But now, at nearly seven months, I’m pretty sure she was the oldest. Sadly, it will probably be the last […]