Induced Labour

Today is the day I am finally being induced. Despite the fact I will probably never sleep again, I stayed up until past midnight last night and woke up at 5am. I wanted to finish all the housework last night so I could bring the baby back to a clean, tidy house! And I’ve got […]

I’m having a baby this week!

For the last two weeks I have been waiting for my baby to come but it seems I have made it far too comfy inside me and there has been no sign of the new arrival. I have tried everything and my bump even dropped pretty low leading to me thinking it was ready to […]

Keeping Busy Until The Baby Comes

One thing I really regret about my pregnancy is stopping work when i did. I worked up until 38 weeks which is pretty far along but really I didn’t want to go and wanted to do an extra week. (I probably would have worked up until the 40 week limit to be honest). Of course, […]

Waiting game – theee days overdue

It’s only three days past my due date but it feels like the baby is never going to come! At 40+3 I really didn’t imagine I’d go over, I thought I’d be early for some reason. I’d had a few signs in the week before my due date which made me think the baby was […]

Daisy Couples Birthing Workshop

This week, Dave and I attended the Daisy Couples Birthing Workshop. With the last nine months being about me – of course – I think Dave had been feeling a bit left out so it was great for him to learn a bit more about what I already knew, and to learn about the role […]

Packing My Hospital Bag

hospital bag

At about 30 weeks, I started to get really impatient and anxious to get my hospital bag ready, although I knew it was a little bit too early and it would be something I would wish I had waited to do. Now at 38 weeks I’m realising I could go into labour at any time […]

Head-Down, Thumbs Up

Positioning Scan Photos

This week I was lucky enough to have one last peek at the baby inside the womb before I meet it in the real world. My little bump has been really solid the whole way through the pregnancy making it hard for the midwife to feel the baby through it. Having been breach a few […]

37 Weeks Pregnant and Counting

37 weeks pregnant

It’s round about now that I’m starting to realise how little time of my current life I have left. But just like how you can’t tell teenagers that school is actually the best years of their lives, I didn’t really listen or believe people when they said how pregnancy should be enjoyed because life will […]